Vietnam, a girl from Indonesia is in town !!! Raise your dripper and hand me a cup of coffee 




  What is on your mind when I say “Vietnam” ??? Comunism, hammer and sickle,ricefield or coffee??? Well, the main reason why I came to this country is coffee. As a coffee lover, I really want to taste the sensation of Vietnam Coffee. I engaged with local during walking around Ho Chi Minh city; asking them where is the popular spot to sip a coffee.The sheer number of coffee shops in town made me awake. I think I am in love with this city. As we know (may be you don’t) that Vietnam is the second largest producer and exporter coffee in the world after Brazil. So you can imagine that coffee is like a very deep and popular thing here. When I arrived at this town a day ago, I saw many locals drinking coffee in street pavements, sitting on a small plastic bench and also sit on street stall along the river.It was such a fantastic view.

Well, I went to Ben Than Market at district 1 with my aunt. It’s around 2 pm after we had lunch and we decided to chill out. Then we stopped over at one of coffee shops around it; named Trung Nguyen Coffee Legend ( a local recommended this place).This coffee shop can be found in some locations. We can buy some coffee beans/powder or drink at the same time.Two young Vietnamese baristas welcoming us.They are girls and can speak English,it’s cool.The place is very clean, comfy with wooden furniture. I ordered the most wanted one “Vietnamese Iced Coffee” or “Ca Phe Da”. The price is  VND 85,000 for a cup.


For about 20 minutes, they bring the coffee to us. You Know what, this is not the first time I tasted this “coffee drip” but this is the first time I tasted one of famous coffee brands in this country ;Trung Nguyen Coffee. The smell ,the strong and bitter of freshly roasted coffee and  the sweetness of condensed milk and Ice cubes ,SO INDULGENT and YUMMY!. FYI, there are some famous brands of it; they are Trung nguyen Coffee, Central Highlands Coffee, and Buon Ma Thuot. For Buon Ma Thuat, I bought it at the local market (VND 45,000 for 500gr) and drink it in Indonesia. This brand is a capital of Dak Lak province in Vietnam which is the BEST coffee producer area in Vietnam.

Buon Ma Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot

Witnessed and felt the sensation of Vietnam is a fascinating feeling. The coffee culture, historical buildings and local people amused me. Thanks for the French pastor who came to Vietnam bring the coffee beans :) I wish I could go to this country every single weekend LOL.


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