Swim swim swim

A Road Trip with Bae!


My boyfriend and I went to Bulukumba by motorcycle. We started from Makassar. We were very enthusiastic since we’ve not been doing this since ages. Bulukumba became our destination. Nope , we did not threw a dart at Sulawesi map,it flashed out from our brain :D

It needs about 5 hours to reach Bulukumba. When we were in town,we turned off the main road and headed along the main highway to Bira beach. It’s approximately 26 miles. The first spot was Bara Beach (actually that was my choise, my bae prefers Bira first to other places). At that moment, he mad at me :D

Speaking of Bara Beach, it’s located in the same location with Bira Beach. They are twin. The difference is Bara is prettier than Bira. There are lots of coconut trees that you won’t find in Bira. Besides, the beach is very clean , white sands ,really soft and the sea with very crystal water. If you want to go here with your friends, office mates ,your bae or your family, there is a long camping area  for free.

Well, after all the drama (he does not mad anymore), he asked me to go to the beach for swimming. Before that, we put a sunblock on our body first. It’s midday, extremely hot. Don’t you dare not to put it that on your face, unless if you would be like a steamed crab :P

The second spot was Bira Beach. We spent for some minutes looking at the blue sea, some boats, hotels, banana boats and other travelers for sure. My boyfriend met his officemate at that time and had a short conversation before leaving the place.

The last but not least, the most-instagrammable-spot in Bulukumba named Apparalang. It needs about 30 minutes to get there. The view is unbelievable. The scenery is marvelous and it’s like Pura Uluwatu in Bali. The cliffs ,the blue sea, JUST PERFECT!.

Swim swim swim

in the middle of the sea

perfect weather perfect trip

perfect weather perfect trip @Bara Beach

At Bira Beach

At Bira Beach

Me at Apparalang

Me at Apparalang

"hey bro, do you mind taking our pic?'

“hi Bro, do you mind taking our pic?’

honey, look at you! your arms looked work hard lol

honey, look at you! your arms looked working hard lol


Under the Sun!

Under the Sun!


What a wonderful trip! A day but its worth. Well, I do it often (a road trip), and I know that I’ll live some unexpected moments during the trip, but I appreciate that.
Great ,adventurous memories. Surely looking for the next awesome trip!

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