Deli-very-cious cake from my bestfriend

26 Life lessons I’ve learned by age 26

Before clicking 12 am 7 October 2016:

I’m on the precipice of turning 27-year-old and I were to be perfectly honest with you, I’m having a bit (just a bit,but’ it’s fine)of a panic attack about it. If you were to take a look at my life thus far, any human being who’s frontal lobe is in tact would say that I’ve done a pretty solid job. I have an amazing job, amazing friends, and professionally? Well, simply put: I love what I do. Seriously!

Yet, something keeps bothering me; like a little voice that keeps saying “you’re going to be 27, you’re going to be 27.” And really, I’ve lived over a quarter of a century and what have I accomplished? I haven’t traveled around the world, I haven’t saved anyone from anything, I haven’t been charitable or be a wife of someone or have a mini- library in my own home. I haven’t really done anything other than what’s expected.

October 8 2016


Deli-very-cious cake from my bestfriend

Deli-very-cious cake from my bestfriend

“Alhamdulillah O’ Allah, my the only one Almighty, my crush.. today, I am 27 years old. Thank you for all the breath , the health, and all of smallest things that you give to me. Grant me still the strength to face all of your challenges. Please help me in the days of the year ahead that I may make the best year for me yet. Ya Allah, please.Forgive me, for all my shortcomings.Forgive me for all the chances that I failed to take & for all the opportunities that I missed this year..”

today,I would write 26 things what I have learned in past twelve months of being twenty-SIX. Here is what I think:

  1. Expect little things. Always be grateful .I started to pray every day when I wake up in the morning.
  2.  Love myself much. Start to not to compare myself to others. Completely stop. Don’t care about what anyone thinks about me. I’ve tried this years ago,frankly.
  3. More caring and sharing. Active in some social charities.
  4. Drink more water every day.
  5. Lots of time saying “NO”
  6. Found a new hobby. Sketching,doodling. I kinda loveit and look forward to doing each week.
  7. Be an auntie is a great experience. My very first nephew cheered me up a lot.
  8. I cannot force anyone to like me.
  9. Serious about the relationship with bae. More patience, wiser, and control my temper.I realized that all relationships take time, effort and understanding but having the right partner can make life 1000x better. I choose my partner carefully, really carefully.
  10. My circle inner became less.
  11. Read more books (not only novels ):P
  12. Respect about TIME. Be punctual than the last year
  13. Expect nothing in return for the things I do for others.
  14. Learn something new every day. I learn some languages. I learned how to make decadent meals for myself in the weekend.I read more cocoa articles/magazines. LOL
  15. Pray more and more (such as before going to work or when my computer screen is on)
  16. Good at handling stress. ( O yea)
  17. Be able to admit when I’m wrong /Apologize as soon as I realize I’m in the wrong
  18. Get enough sleep.
  19. Do nice things to others.Such as give up my seat on the busway to an elderly person.
  20. Treating someone respectfully does not guarantee equal treatment from them.
  21. Have an emergency fund. I have an uniqe bottle to save my money (after I worked overtime)
  22. NEW JOB sometimes horrible. BUT overall give me  an opportunity to learn something about myself or develop new skills Even the worst boss can teach me something important. It could be how to deal with difficult people, expactriats or so on.
  23. Sometimes I still be selfish.. but it’s okay ,right? hhaaa
  24. More confidence and my communication skills was much better.
  25. Always be and be positive
  26. Live life to the fullest. No matter who a person is, what they are currently doing, how much money they have in the bank, and so on, everyone can start living life to the fullest.

About Saskia Rajayani

I consider myself as an honest person and if I have a dream I do whatever is possible to achieve it. I'm very friendly, enthusiastic,cheerful, lively, and simple person. I love having a good time, laughing, reading novels, having coffee, cycling and doing goofy things whenever I can. I enjoy every little things in my life, such as Wearing my muddy boots,looking at the pop-corns clouds,eating my Scorched omelet,Let my hands full of scrawl-notes and yeap I'm proud being Me ;)

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