Golden Age Golden Year , t w e n t y 6 !

A year will bring new
Challenges and surprises,
But I know I can handle
Anything that arises.
I have grown into a

When I make a wish and
Blow out the candles,
I am wishing that all
my dreams come true

I think thinking of myself
And am excited to see
What my 26th year brings.
I know that whatever I do
Will be fantastic as always


HBD to me..

Turned to 26 .. #takeadeepbreath


About Saskia Rajayani

I consider myself as an honest person and if I have a dream I do whatever is possible to achieve it. I'm very friendly, enthusiastic,cheerful, lively, and simple person. I love having a good time, laughing, reading novels, having coffee, cycling and doing goofy things whenever I can. I enjoy every little things in my life, such as Wearing my muddy boots,looking at the pop-corns clouds,eating my Scorched omelet,Let my hands full of scrawl-notes and yeap I'm proud being Me ;)

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