ONE PICTURE ONE STORY: My first Shocking Trails

“Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world”

Tanralili Lake

Tanralili Lake

with stick

follow the right path

The very first place I found my self GOT a Punk’d Trip !

My friends and I went to Tanralili lake on Saturday afternoon , Sept 26 2015. We started from Makassar around 6pm by scooter. None of us knew that place. We’re totally blind about that. My friends laughed at me because I wore a kinda “princess shoes”. Then Ahmad (one of my friends , took me to his house to lend me his shoes). They told me that we were about to HIKE !

well, okay ! HIKE ! ( not really kinda interesting in this)

In the middle of the trip ( around 90 minutes), something went wrong with the scooter. It had a flat tire. Luckily, there was a workshop around us. It’s getting dark, while we repaired the scooter, we met a group of teenagers in that place. Ahmad adressed them , said Hello and asked them where they would going and they said ” Tanralili Lake”. GOOD then. We were really excited to join with them. They are  civil engineering students from Makassar State of University. A few minutes later, we  continued our trip.


I gazed at my watch, it’s already 11 pm. Before getting this lake, we should registered all of the stuff we bring and our personal data. It’s quite tight now, because a few months ago, there was a man drowned in  the lake.

While my friend wrote down our group’s name , I asked some people how long it gonna takes to reach the lake.Some of them said” it takes 50 minutes”, “we need 2 hours”, even one of them said it takes 7-8 hours”

O Crap. !

I took a deep breath. Frankly, I am  not kind of a mount climber, I prefer beach to mountain. I thought that the place was easy enough to reach- – Park scooter, walk for a minute and VOILA – get the place. I was getting a little obsessive-compulsive.Seriously,I was terribly WORRIED. I calmed my self to hike. No choice. I wore jeans, no jacket at all.

12 am – 3:30 am -hiked Tanralili trails, up and down hills,walked through the rocky mountains in the middle of the darkness. It’s really remote place,no signals,yes of course No WI-FI !

Briefly, We reached the lake at 3:30 am, we set up our tents. I woke up in the morning and zipped my tent and looked at the beautiful scenery around me. It’s totally made my day. It’s extremely out of what I thought before , WOWWIWOW I made it.

(Hit mountains is not in my bucket list. I drawn myself if somebody asked me to hike.)*whispering *

Good morning Hikers, cheers for a good day !

Good morning Hikers, cheers for a good day !


Travel Mates




COOMPING- cooking, camping LOL

camps !


Tanralili lake is like  Ranu Kumbolo in Java, Indonesia. Tanralili is located in “Desa Lengkese, Gowa regency, South Sulawesi”, foothill of Bawakaraeng Mt.,meanwhile Ranu Kumbolo is in foothill of Semeru Mt.  The view is so stunning, adorable, really magical with fresh air, fresh water, feel  the excitement of trekking through the outdoors.

Saturdate, Saturnite, Saturawesome ! I’ve been fortunate, partly thanks to my travel mates. I’m sure that everyone on the trail goes home with an experience they never anticipated. I’m fucking feel that.


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