Terimakasih kepada Detik.com

Who doesn’t know about DETIK?the number one and the biggest  portal news in Indonesia. I am so honored when Detik travel published some articles of mine. Shared my trip experiences and read by million people.

I am grateful and beyond happy everytime I got a notification in my email when my articles was published.

And last month I got an email from Detik Travel that announced me as the one of the winner of TRAVELER OF THE MONTH APRIL 2015.

Yay!  Overall, I wrote down my trip experiences in order to share and show to people outhere that there are millions beautiful places across the world.

Here the following samples of my articles;

Toraja Funeral



1424354308282 2015-03-09-23-54-30_deco 2015-04-09-16-15-34_deco


Thanks Detik , you ROCK and LUV u !


without wax


About Saskia Rajayani

I consider myself as an honest person and if I have a dream I do whatever is possible to achieve it. I'm very friendly, enthusiastic,cheerful, lively, and simple person. I love having a good time, laughing, reading novels, having coffee, cycling and doing goofy things whenever I can. I enjoy every little things in my life, such as Wearing my muddy boots,looking at the pop-corns clouds,eating my Scorched omelet,Let my hands full of scrawl-notes and yeap I'm proud being Me ;)

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