Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. – Brad Paisley

(guwa nulis ini dengan backsound para petasan-petasan gila)

I dunno what to write. There are lots of moments I had in this very awesome 2014. Tahun ini boleh dibilang tahun yang paling mengesankan sepanjang hidup gwa. I bet that you had your own wonderful life too during this year. Sebenarnya, saya tidak menspesialkan malam tahun baru itu. For me, it’s just like malam-malam lainnya.

Well, January hingga December itu secara langsung membuat saya banyak berubah, apalagi masuk di usia 25 tahun. Start from January to December,hmm.. the major thing I’ve got or done adalah:

Traveled to India in July 2014

Traveling ke India salah satu achievement RUAR biasa yang gwa rasain dan paling berpengaruh banget di taon ini. Been long time to make that happened.

Losing job after 2 years and 9 months

yeah, losing job setelah hampir 3 taon di salah satu perusahaan LEASING2an. Too much lesson I’ve got since I was an employee.

Had an Incredible 25th Birthday

yes, an Incredible. Bagaiman nggak, 25 taon itu sakral banget (menurut orang luar sana,google etc). Perayaan 25 taon saya ini betul-betul beda dibanding perayaan ultah kemaren2. Banyak surprise mak !

Met some kind strangers,still have best FRIENDS

Ketemu teman baru, exchange culture dan teman-teman dilingkungan guwa yang masih pada baik-baik ke saya. Hopefully yah, always be nice.

More time with beloved family

Selama saya OUT dari urusan gawe-gawean, saya yang dulunya dikatain ama nyokap mirip “anak kos di rumah sendiri” saking jarangya berinteraksi ama family di rumah. KERJA KERJA KERJA mulu and now menjadi lebih intens ama mereka. *cipokemak

Some of my Articles were published (DETIK)

Artikel di published itu cukup menggembirakan, my honor to DETIK yang udah publish tulisan guwa. Meskipun judulnya di ubah but over all, thanks yak !

Feel more grateful person, wise,and better

Mentally YES !

Barely even sick during a year (thanks GOD)

First time as CPNS participant (KEMLU) -failed duileh LOL

New Cellphone (it’s meaningful tho) lol




kind strangers,kind buddy

nice strangers,nice buddy

After 365 days I spent my whole time to be a better girl. I enjoyed every single things on my life. Thousands laughs,joy, blessings came to me and for sure, the sadness,loneliness, or tears came by (not really often) I realized that I am not a kid anymore. I am a woman now who has a super duper brilliant brain to make this life more beautiful. I am Saskia, I am not the kind of other gurls who are just “PURE” sit behind the desk all day long, check up on their make up, never open a BOOK to read, etc.

My goals were achieved, some of my bucket list were kicked off. During a year, I know that I made a lot of mistakes to my friends, my family and my ex- office mates. I learned so much from it tho. I have Allah, I have my the one Almighty who always be with me, guide me, warn me and hear all my stories. I don’t care about what people say about me. I don’t give a fuck. One thing that I always know that I play my part, my own way. LIVE to FULLEST. For sure, I ONLY LIVE ONCE.

Tomorrow, January 1st, I will fill my new empty jar with some good things to happen. Hopefully many more happiness will come to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALLAH WHO GAVE ME SUCH AN WONDERFUL LIFE


“I’ve been a reckless, but I’m not a rebel without a cause”_ AJ


About Saskia Rajayani

I consider myself as an honest person and if I have a dream I do whatever is possible to achieve it. I'm very friendly, enthusiastic,cheerful, lively, and simple person. I love having a good time, laughing, reading novels, having coffee, cycling and doing goofy things whenever I can. I enjoy every little things in my life, such as Wearing my muddy boots,looking at the pop-corns clouds,eating my Scorched omelet,Let my hands full of scrawl-notes and yeap I'm proud being Me ;)

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