It’s been a while since I wrote a personal update, so I felt it was time for one of those.

My friends came to my hometown and stay for a couple days. It’s been years we have not met each other. Bone is my hometown’s name. Watampone is the capital of Bone regency. My friends are Ahmads ( three of Ahmad), they are Ahmad Adha, Ahmad Rayhan Agung and Ahmad Muhaemin. Ahmad Adha (Dede) sent me a message on LINE that they were heading to my place …around 6 am, January 30, 2014. I woke up and yeap.. surprised after read his message.I thought they were going to my place in the next day.

They finally got my place around 8 am, it’s little bit hard to find my place at that time,they asked me to wait for them in front of my home.



I saw them in a car and they yelled me loud while waved their hands. It was happy Friday morning ever. I prepared my room and let them put their stuff on it. They made this kind of short trip because luckily, Friday (January 31) was a public holiday and they were off on Saturday.

In the afternoon I took them to “TANJUNG PALETTE”. It is one of tourism objects in Bone and popular enough. It used to crowd and a lot of people spent their time in holiday or stay there. It is located around 17 kilometers from downtown.  We passed some wide green rice fields, old houses and sugar palm trees. I personally have been visiting here at least once a month

We bought tickets IDR 16.000 and parked the car safely. We enjoyed our afternoon moments while waited for sunset. I was so glad take them there, seemed they were glad too. I love to explore new things even in the place where I live, it’s so uplifting!

And the night came !

  1. Bought some snacks “GORENGAN” such as bakwan, tahu goreng and martabak.
  2. Parked the car in the middle of “LAPANGAN MERDEKA”.
  3. Ordered some drinks. A little bit funny when Ahmad Muhaemin ordered EXTRA JOSS , special one. I never taste that before. He said it’s good. I’m not so keen actually. Probably He lost of his energy then he ordered it. Extra Joss is one of energy drink which designed for an active style (advs).
  4. Chitchat, made funny conversations, discussed about our next trip.
  5. Back home.
  6. Watched series. Dede introduced me an awesome plus hilarious series.  That’s 2 BROKE GIRLS. I am in love with this series. Dede and I were so excited and sometimes we laughed loud and lost of attention to Muhe and Rayhan. (they called us PONGORO means crazy).


this series

The other morning, we made it out to Bulukumba.Started at 3 pm from Bone and heading to traditional market to buy “SUKUN”. After hours, We got Bulukumba around 8 pm and directly looked for an inn. A comfortable and cheap one. hihih

SUKUN oleh oleh BOne

And WE FOUND a place !!!

I forgot the name but the room was painted lame colors which I think was good enough. The beds were nice and firm, loads of pillows were supplied, nice clean towels, the toilets worked well and the room was clean and there was an air conditioning, TV, no Wi-Fi. All in all, this was a really decent budget choice in BIRA area.


The next day, Rayhan,Muhe and I went to Bara Beach. This is my first time in Bara, a couple times in Bira beach. Two totally different beaches. It is located in same area, but the sceneries are totally different.  We made it !!  Hope to see sunrise, apparently No Sunrise at all. We were late…late.. late.. :(

For our bestfriend, Fia


I took a short video once I touched the beach. So beautiful and peaceful. I damn LIKE it. White sands, it is not like sands, it is like flours. Yeah.. really soft.


I enjoyed my morning and played around with sands, crystal water, reefs and looked at some sexy coconut trees. I dare to say that this place is RECOMMENDED one.

Time to checked out !! We moved !!!

The routes are…


We had our lunch in Bantaeng and we chosed BAKSO (meatball) for our lunch.

10K saja

I didn’t let myself  to fall asleep during  this trip. I have never been this town before. I wanted to see people around city, the landmarks etc. I was so blessed and so excited came to other places. It was like hmmmm I am an honor stranger-not-danger person.

We got Makassar around 8 pm and felt tired after miles, so far it was an incredible trip. I wanted to congratulate Rayhan, he drove along this trip, made his records. He said 700 kilometers in 3 days 2 nights. WOW



SO… that’s our lovely weekends. I really thanks to my friends for took me and been a part of this trip.


I am gonna miss you guys  :)




 this is for the visitors ,


How has your start to 2014 been so far?




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