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“Inferno” has all the usual plot elements that Brown’s legions of fans have come to expect. Harvard professor of symbology Robert Langdon travels the globe in search of clues to a world-historical mystery, deciphering symbols taken from objects of art, and from the literature of Dante’s famous poem. The novel opens in Dante’s beloved city, Florence, where Langdon wakes up in a hospital bed suffering from (you guessed it) amnesia. And while he’ll need to piece together what has happened to him — trust me, it’s a lot — he is also being pursued by an assassin sent by a shadowy international organization that does the dirty work of the rich and powerful.

Inferno” offers us a mad-scientist villain who helpfully leaves a video of his evil intentions. The villain is also a devotee of Dante’s “Inferno,” so nearly all the clues come from Langdon’s skill at interpreting Dante’s text. The sequences and scenes of “Inferno” usually have a four-part structure: Langdon confronts a clue-symbol-text he must interpret, then has a moment of epiphany where he finds the answer, next the villain’s henchmen enter the scene and force Langdon (and his mysterious female accomplice Sienna Brooks) to flee, and finally, Langdon escapes.

Brown gives us lots of history and culture in “Inferno.” He’s obviously researched the architecture of Florence, the symbolism of Dante’s great work, and the “mad science” behind the villain’s plot. More importantly, Brown doles out his research in a way that doesn’t force his story to come crashing to a halt. In “Inferno,” Brown puts the story first, which results in a novel that’s far easier to read and much more entertaining than his research-laden last. It’s clear that Dan Brown’s “Inferno” will sell tens of millions of copies worldwide, but what’s more obvious (and pleasingly so) is that he’s getting much better at writing prose and structuring stories. In short, Dan Brown’s “Inferno” is the kind of satisfying escapist read that summers were made for.


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